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We are a network of successful REALTORS®, advancing women as business leaders in the industry and in the communities we serve.

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To be the premier source and standard for the personal and professional development and inclusion of leaders in the industry, organized real estate and beyond.

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Culture Statement


We believe that success today is achieved through​ productive collaboration in a safe environment in which members​ support each other, work together and grow together.


We believe that positive change comes from greater​ inclusion of women’s perspectives in positions of influence in the real​ estate industry and in the broader community.


We believe that better decisions result when all voices are​ heard and when the full diversity of our membership is embraced.

Professional Credibility

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We believe that members of Women’s​ Council are professionals who operate based on a shared system of​ values, including integrity, respect, a commitment to excellence and​ continuous personal and professional development.

We believe that every organization, industry and​ community needs authentic leaders who can inspire others to effect​ positive change

Corporate Boardroom
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2024 Executive Board

Deneka Desroches, PMN


Robin Lamarque


Nichole Donald, PMN

1st Vice President

Jahnah Fields, PMN


christie anderson

Event Director

Cherise Scott

Membership Director

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Executive Board Responsibilities

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President Elect


Provides leadership and direction for the Network, keeping the team focused on the mission of the Council and the Network business plan.

Acts as the local voice for the Women’s Council brand, articulating the value of the Network, representing the Network with related groups, and setting the tone for active member involvement.

Supports the President in fulfilling their duties, builds leadership skills and prepares to assume the presidency.

Develops and maintains productive relationships with Strategic Partners to ensure satisfaction and support for Network activities.

1st Vice President


Event Director

Membership Director

Ensure proper reporting and Network compliance with all state and federal laws and regulations impacting non-profit organizations.

Ensures strategies and systems are in place to support the financial health and integrity of the Network. Ensures proper reporting and Network compliance with all state and federal laws and regulations impacting not for profit organizations.

Ensures the development and delivery of timely, relevant, business-oriented Network educational and networking events that attract a high level of participation from members and the industry at large.

Conducts an aggressive outreach strategy to communicate the value of the Network and the Women’s Council brand, engaging prospective, new and renewing members.

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It's Time to Renew Your Women's Council Membership

Join our network today and enjoy free access to all our exclusive benefits and rewards. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to enhance your career with us and be part of our community.

Multi Ethnic Mixed Age Range Women in Creative Business Meeting
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Member Savings Center

Women’s Council is pleased to offer you exclusive discounts on products, programs and services that can offer a return on dues investment several times over. Current offers include exclusive savings for top quality products and services which includes some of the world’s most recognized brands.

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Realtors® & National Affiliates

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MEMBERSHIP Per National Bylaws

Section 1: Any REALTOR®, REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®, or Institute Affiliate1 member in good standing of an Association of REALTORS® of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® shall be eligible for Active membership in this Network, the State Network (if any) and the Women’s Council. The Network boundaries shall be the same as the geographic territory of the New Orleans Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® (NOMAR).

Section 2: An Active member of the Women’s Council may be eligible for secondary membership in more than one Local Network and in more than one State Network. Secondary members shall be Active members of a primary Network who wish to obtain the services afforded by another Network. Active members may join this second Network by paying secondary dues only to it. They shall not be eligible to vote or hold elective office in the second Network.

Section 3: National Affiliate members shall hold membership with the New Orleans Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® (NOMAR), but they may not be REALTORS®.

Section 4: National Affiliate members shall pay national, state, and local dues and may vote, hold local office (except President, President-elect and First Vice President), use the Women’s Council logo and marks, and avail themselves of Women’s Council services. National Affiliates may not comprise more than twenty percent (20%) of the membership of the Local Network.

Section 5: The Women’s Council shall determine the percentage of National Affiliate memberships in each Network. A Network’s National Affiliate memberships shall not exceed 20%.

Section 6: A member becomes eligible to vote in the Network thirty (30) days from the receipt of a membership application and payment of dues.

Section 7: Individuals currently employed in an executive, administrative or management capacity by a Local or State REALTOR® Association or a member Board of a foreign affiliate of the National Association shall be eligible for National Affiliate membership after payment of applicable dues.

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2024 Calendar



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18th - Luncheon: Alternative Financing w/Attorney Timothy Hand True Title

22nd - Luncheon: The Power of Knowledge: A Deep Dive into NAR Lawsuits and Insurance Issues in LA

LA insurance Commissioner Tim Temple & Norman Morris, LA REALTORS® CEO

14th - Membership Mixer

4th - Lunch & Learn - Mortgage Tips for REALTORS®: Insurance to Closing

18th - Speed Dating: Strategic Partners & Members Mixer

Lorie Lund, Keesler Federal Credit Union

16th - Luncheon: Top Producer

Katie Witry, Melissa McClendon, Linda Nguyen, Lisa Nguyen & Alyssa Quinn

13th - Meet The Candidates for 2024 Elections


12th - Election Day





8th - Luncheon: Effective Negotiating for Real Estate Professionals

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Register Now Lettering

Deneka Desroches, PMN 2024 President

16-19th - Membership Appreciation Week

30th - Oct 2nd Women’s Council Louisiana Fall State Meeting

10th - Pickle Ball Costume Contest: Fall Fundraiser

14th - 2025 Installation

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Meet The Candidates Mixer

June 13th

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Effective Negotiating For Real Estate Professionals

August 8th

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july 12th election day

It‘s Time To Get Involved

Join the 2025 Executive Board and become a beacon of empowerment. As a leader, you'll inspire and mentor other women, fostering a community of support and success. Gain invaluable leadership skills, expand your network, and make a meaningful impact. Let's shape the future together.

2024 Strategic Partnership levels

Business Networking




sponsorship opportunites

Unrecognizable speaker receives applause at expo

"Empower Women, Empower Your Brand: Sponsor the Women's Council today!"


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Who are Women’s Council members?

o Highly successful, professional REALTORS®

o Earn more than two times the average REALTOR®

o In business 25% longer than the average REALTOR®

o Generate an average of 50% of real estate business from referrals

o Have a ‘referral mindset’

Why do REALTORS® join Women’s Council?

o To build productive professional relationships

o To build and access a network of professional expertise they can leverage for their clients

o To continue to grow personally and professional as top business leaders

Why Strategic Partner and Not Member?

o REALTORS® are members

o The local Women’s Council network is focused on building a strong base of REALTOR® members to benefit REALTORS® and to provide access to

strategic partners to a broader base of successful professionals in the industry

o Strategic Partner distinguishes and positions affiliated companies as partners with REALTORS® in providing complementary expertise and services in

pursuit of a mutual goal – to help clients buy and sell homes

How are Strategic Partners Viewed?

o As professionals who have complementary expertise, experience and information to share that will help REALTORS® be more successful

o As a mean to help the Network better serve REALTORS®

o As part of the network of experts REALTORS® have access to in order to better serve their clients

What are the Benefits of Being a Strategic Partner?

o There are a variety of levels and benefits available to suit strategic partner marketing budgets and goals

o Benefits provide many ways to be visible (with REALTORS® and their clients and opportunities to build productive relationships with REALTORS®

o Benefits offer strategic partners opportunities to showcase their products and services in addition to their experience and expertise

o Benefits offer strategic partners the opportunity to become an indispensable part of the REALTOR®’s professional network of experts to better serve

their clients

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2024 Strategic Partners

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